Tie Dye Information

So you've decided to do some tie dying! 

We're so excited for you to use our products to create your personalized item!

Tag us @muskokawoods when you’ve finished your projects!

All kits come with instructions but we have some advice and disclaimers to assist you.


Tie Dye Tips

1-Depending on which kit you buy, you are able to tie dye up to 10 items with the bottles that come in the package. It's not recommended to work with the dye longer than a few hours so make sure you have all your items ready to dye at the same time.

2-Set up all the equipment you need before starting, it helps out big time! You might need extra rubber bands and plastic bags if you are doing multiple projects at once.

3-Make sure you wear rubber gloves and protect your clothing so you don't accidentally stain your clothes!

4-Make sure you soak the garment in water beforehand and then wring it out.  Don't leave it soaking wet. There are different ways to tie dye and this is the most common method so you just want your item to be damp.

5-The dye will fade over time and with washing so it will never be as vibrant as the first time. Some dyes are made to be light or pastel as well. You can add less water to the bottle at the start to make the dye more concentrated, but if this is your first time using the product, it's recommended to follow all instructions from the manufacturer.

6- There are lots of different ways to create different designs.  Get creative and choose one you like! There are instructions and project ideas in the tie dye kits. Make sure you are putting on enough dye for the design you want. Look up more handy tips online if you're unsure! 


7-When you wash your garments always use COLD water. Wash items separately for the first few washes. Do not lay anything tie dyed on furniture to dry as it can stain it.

Our disclaimer 

Muskoka Woods Camp Store is not responsible for any outcome when altering a product. Once a product is dyed it cannot be returned and does not qualify for a refund. Tie dye is a fabric dye that may stain your skin and other items like furniture or counter tops. Muskoka Woods Camp Store is not responsible for any mistakes or products damaged during the tie dying process.